May 19, 2016

Food Thomas Loves (& Toby Too)

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19th May 2016 (7)

Thomas’ eating habits are improving and meal times are becoming less stressful. Everything started to change when I was told, if children under the age of 5 are eating one adult’s recommended serving plate a week, that’s enough.

Now if Thomas doesn’t finish a meal or doesn’t even eat half of it, I don’t get frustrated. Instead, we finish up, clean up and get on with our day. My shift in attitude has worked wonders for us and meal times are much more enjoyable.

A food we have found that both Thomas and Toby love is edamame. It’s such a quick and easy snack to prepare. Both kids spend almost an hour sitting together, Thomas feeding himself and Toby. Toby always makes sure he eats up all the edamame that’s fallen onto the ground.

19th May 2016 (1)^ Toby very seriously showing one of his favourite treats. This can be found in your local supermarket freezer or most Asian grocery stores. They take about 5 minutes to cook, the instructions are on the back.

19th May 2016 (2)^ Thomas enjoys ‘helping’ prepare the edamame. And in ‘helping’ I mean transferring them whole from one bowl to another.

19th May 2016 (3)^ I think as Thomas gets older he is going to have fun popping out the soy beans on his own.

19th May 2016 (18)^ And they’re ready to eat. Looks like Thomas has had a sneaky few already.

19th May 2016 (5)^ Toby enjoying them.

19th May 2016 (14)^ Thomas is still forever sharing his food with his brother. Toby knows he isn’t allowed to have anything that isn’t handed to him or on the ground. So here Toby is demonstrating his fantastic restraining skills.

19th May 2016 (13)

19th May 2016 (10)

19th May 2016 (17)^ Some for Peppa too. Thomas is such a massive Peppa Pig fan, I’m hoping he’ll love her until he’s 2 so we can have a Peppa party for his birthday.

19th May 2016 (8)^ Thomas putting out some edamame for Toby.

19th May 2016 (6)

19th May 2016 (9)

19th May 2016 (11)