June 13, 2016

Two Days Of Goodness

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11th June 2016 (8)

We have had two days of goodness over here thanks to today’s public holiday. Andrew only gets Sundays off as he works on Saturdays so it was our first two day weekend in forever. Thomas has discovered the joys of the playground and we have been spending most mornings there but it’s much sweeter when Andrew can come with us. We have found a great playground that allows dogs to be off lead in the play area so it’s a win-win for everyone.

I don’t know if it’s just me but do you ever look at your life and think ‘I can’t believe this is my life’. I had one of those moments today when we were walking up a hill and I was a million miles behind Andrew, Thomas and Toby thanks to this big load I’m carrying. When I finally reached everyone I said to Andrew, ‘Can you believe this is our life, that we will have two kids soon.’ As someone who never wanted to be a mother it sometimes blows my mind that I have kids. Andrew said, ‘I also had one of those moments the other day when I was pulling out teeth. I thought, I can’t believe I make a living by pulling out people’s teeth. I never thought that would be my job.’

It’s funny where life takes you. When I was younger I just wanted to work and travel the world with Andrew as much as possible and just ‘be free.’ And Andrew never wanted to be a dentist, he kind of just fell into it. But after living those lives for a while we realised we wanted different things. Our lives remind me of a John Lennon quote ‘Life is what happens when you are making other plans’. We may have started on different paths, and we don’t know where we’ll end up, but I’m happy and content with where we are heading, wherever that may be.

This weekend was a little glimpse into the future, the far away future where we will be able spend more than one day a week together as a family. Andrew only has 1.5 years left of Uni before he’s an Intern and then hopefully that will (maybe) give us some weekends back. Cannot wait!

Below are some photos from our weekend, it was a good one. Have a great week, everyone.

13th June 2016 (2)^ My favourite legs.

13th June 2016 (4) ^ Thomas’ favourite thing to do at the playground is go down the slide face first.

13th June 2016 (9) ^ Toby keeping a watchful eye on Thomas, ‘Be careful, brother!’

13th June 2016 (3)^ Toby giving Thomas a hug, thankful he made it safely down the slide.

13th June 2016 (30)^ Thomas’ Peppa Pig obsession is fuelled by his grandmother who has sent all these Peppa Pig items from London, he loves them.

13th June 2016 (29) ^ ‘Thomas, do you love me as much as you love Peppa?’

13th June 2016 (28)^ I think he does, Toby.

11th June 2016 (7)^ Thomas ‘talking’ on the phone to Papa to see where we are.

11th June 2016 (1)

13th June 2016 (21) ^ We are so lucky, Thomas has more toys then we ever had growing up and most of them weren’t bought by us. This bike was gifted to Thomas from a friend and these two had a lot of fun putting it together.13th June 2016 (19) ^ ‘Just call me when it’s done, guys.

13th June 2016 (18)

13th June 2016 (31)^ Toby reading a bed time story to his brother.