June 15, 2016

Toys From The Op Shop

Posted in: Baby

op 17

Thanks to our uni lifestyle we can’t splash out on the things we did when we were both working full time. We have made sacrifices, said, ‘No,’ to a lot of things and we watch our spending on a daily basis.

Being careful with our money has made me look at ways we can still obtain what we need without breaking the bank. One thing I have discovered is toys at the Op Shop (which is a Thrift Shop or a Charity Shop, for those international readers). And my gosh, are there some great things that cost a dollar or two and they are easily Thomas’ (and my) favourite toys.

I pop my head into our local Op Shop once a month to see if there is anything for Thomas and more times than not I find little treasures that Thomas adores. I also love that I’m helping reduce rubbish ending up in landfill.

Below are the little treasures we have snapped up, so far.

op 12 ^ 150 wooden blocks with the letters of the alphabet on them for $5.

op 13

op 14 ^ Thomas learnt to stack with these blocks. He started with stacking 2 and has progressed to stacking 4 blocks without any toppling over. We use these blocks to help him with his language skills as well.

op 15

op 16   op 19 ^ I absolutely love this one. I mean where else can you find such a cool wooden robot that you can manipulate into other positions for $2?

op 20

op 21 ^ ‘Thomas, want to show me what this thing does?’

op 18^ ‘Sure thing, Toby. You may need to come closer to see what I’m doing.’

op 22 ^ This counting puzzle for $1.

op 26^ We use this puzzle to help with Thomas’ fine motor skills and language skills.

op 25

op 11^ A tambourine for 50c.

op 10 ^ An assortment of different puzzles for $3.

op 8

op 4^ Trucks, a few dollars each.

op 3

op 7 ^ Thomas is so obsessed with wheels and anything that spins. He can sit there spinning wheels for an incredibly long time.

op 6 ^ Toby giving the dump truck a clean.

op 2^ We have found some great books at the Op Shop. This one is one of Thomas’ favourites.

op^ A couple of classic books we have found. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and an Elmer book. Thomas likes to look through books while I get his meals ready.