July 4, 2016


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4th July 2016 (20)

This Toby of ours is the greatest furball there ever was. We are continually in awe of him. We find ourselves saying we need to be more like Toby all the time. He has the qualities we wish we could display on a daily basis. Kind, patient, loyal, understanding, the list goes on.

I have said this before, but Toby has helped me throughout the last 16 months with this whole parenting gig. He knows when we need him and he knows when he needs to give us some space. I have needed Toby a lot since Thomas was born. From him being my escape, a role model for Thomas to someone I can use to demonstrate how to behave towards.

Thomas is going through a stage where he doesn’t want to share his things. I have read that it’s difficult to teach a child how to share before the age of 2 and a half but I don’t see the harm in trying to help Thomas learn how to share now.

Andrew brought Thomas a plastic chair from a hardware store so he could sit at our coffee table and play. As soon as Andrew brought it home Thomas automatically claimed it and ‘oohhhed and ahhhed’ over it. He sat down and played with his blocks, stacking them one on top of the other. He then got off the chair to find some more blocks and in that time Toby had decided to plonk himself on it.

Thomas returned and did not like what he saw. He started to pull Toby’s fur to get him to jump off. When Toby didn’t budge he got upset and then proceeded to pull his ears. Once Toby left, Thomas happily sat back in his chair.

We are now using the chair to help Thomas learn how to share. We get Toby to sit on it when Thomas isn’t interested in it and as soon as we see Thomas barging up to Toby we enforce some strategies.

Although we make sure we stay stern and firm with Thomas, inside we are laughing pretty hard. I absolutely love how Thomas treats Toby like a real brother and Toby treats Thomas the same. They both get on each others nerves at times but the love they have for each other is blood thick.

We love you so much Toby, thanks for helping us teach your brother how to become a great person like you.

Below are some photos of a tea party these two had which involved the plastic chair Thomas is very much attached to.

4th July 2016 (26)^ A tea party for two.

4th July 2016 (25)

4th July 2016 (19)^ Since Toby is the first one to this party, it’s only fair he gets to choose where he would like to sit.

4th July 2016 (21)

4th July 2016 (18)^ And here is our second guest, not too phased with where Toby is sitting.

4th July 2016 (12)^ Spoke too soon, ‘Thanks for getting my seat warm, Toby. You can move now though.’

4th July 2016 (4)

4th July 2016 (24)

4th July 2016 (22)

4th July 2016 (14)^ Toby being the bigger person in this situation has decided to give up the chair.

4th July 2016 (16)^ Thomas’ food selection.

4th July 2016 (10)^ And anyone want to guess what Toby has chosen?

4th July 2016 (11)^ Cheese, of course!

4th July 2016 (9)

4th July 2016 (6)^ ‘That was very delicious! May I have some more?’

4th July 2016 (13)

4th July 2016 (23)

4th July 2016 (17)

4th July 2016 (3)^ Thomas in a bit of a food coma and retiring to the couch next to his brother. Toby however has his eye on the prize, that stick of cheese.

4th July 2016 (2) ^ Full bellies and snuggle time for these two brothers.

4th July 2016 (1)