July 10, 2016

Caring For Your Pooch In Winter

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We are well and truly into winter in our neck of the woods. Most days we are rugged up to our eyeballs and brave the cold for our walk. Although I love walking when the air is nice and crisp, I don’t love the way Toby looks at the end of it. His paws are always dirty, his face is wet, leaves and twigs get stuck in his fur and he smells.

When we get home I give his paws a good rub with a towel and that’s it. I know I should be giving Toby baths more often in winter especially since he lives indoors but you know, there are so many other things that need to be done and frankly giving Toby a bath while heavily pregnant belongs in the ‘too hard basket.’

I was introduced to the Dr Zoo Winter Warriors products which is a natural range of skin and fur care for pets. Dr Zoo are the team behind MooGoo Skin Care which I loved while pregnant with Thomas. I used the MooGoo acne range as I got the worst pregnancy acne ever, it was horrible.

The Dr Zoo products came to life when many of their MooGoo customers reported they were using the MooGoo Shampoo on their pets, particularly itchy pets and getting awesome results and relief.

This winter we have been using Ruff to Fluff – Dry Shampoo to quickly freshen Toby without the major ordeal of a bath.

And the Crusty Nose – Itchy Toes which is a nose and paws butter designed to moisturise and protect Toby’s dry, cracked nose and paws.

What I love about the Dr Zoo products is they are passionate believers in letting pet owners know exactly which ingredients they use in their products. If your pooch is anything like Toby, they lick themselves silly, so it’s very important that the ingredients in the products  we use on him are 100% natural and totally lickable.

DR ZOO 13^ Don’t let these blue skies fool you, it is so cold and muddy outside.

rufftofluff^ The two Dr Zoo Winter Warriors – Crusty Nose, Itchy Toes and Ruff to Fluff Natural Dry Shampoo.


DR ZOO 2^ Every time I put Toby into the basin he has a moment of panic. Is today going to be bath day or powder day? ‘Please let it be powder day again.’

DR ZOO 5^ What’s great about the Ruff to Fluff Natural Dry Shampoo is they use natural Tapioca Powder instead of Talc.

DR ZOO 3^ It’s pretty simple to use. Sprinkle the powder onto your pet’s fur and…

DR ZOO 4^…rub through, giving your pet a good scratch and massage at the same time.

DR ZOO 1^ The Crusty Nose Itchy Toes is a gorgeous butter for your pet’s nose and paws. It contains coconut oil which is an amazing, natural ingredient that will calm irritated and itchy skin while moisturising.

DR ZOO 9^ You can’t get a lovely looking nose like this without a bit of help!

DR ZOO 7^ And for the paws, apply directly onto the paw pads and massage in. Paws will be slippery after application so allow time for it to dry.

DR ZOO 16^ Look at that handsome, clean looking dog who hasn’t had a bath in a very, very long time.