August 10, 2016

Losing Toby

Posted in: Dog


A few weeks ago we all went out into the city to grab a bite to eat and get some coffee. We walked back to the car and I told Toby to get in when Andrew said, ‘Come check this out.’

I told Toby to get back out of the car and we went to see what Andrew was looking at. He talked about how these pavers at the front of someone’s house were the ones he wanted for our house. After chit chatting about it we got back into the car and drove home.

At home Andrew hit the books, Thomas was playing with his blocks and I went to do my Neckerchief orders. About an hour later I went to make a cup of tea when I asked Andrew, ‘Where’s Toby?’

I checked the living room, sewing room, our room. No Toby.

‘OH MY GOSH! We have left him in the car!’ I yelled down the hallway as I went to get him.

My heart sank when he wasn’t in there and my panic levels went through the roof. I screamed and ran back inside yelling over and over again, ‘We left him in the city!’

‘Do you remember him getting into the car?’ Andrew asked. I didn’t remember asking him to get into the car the second time round, I didn’t remember seeing him jump in. Andrew said he couldn’t remember Toby getting into the car.

At this stage both Andrew and I were panicking, yelling out his name, running down the street and getting ready to drive back into the city to look for him.

I was in tears.

I ran to get Thoams’ shoes from his room, opened the door and who was there patiently waiting to be let out? Toby.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was. My gosh!

Obviously Toby did end up coming back home with us even though we both don’t remember asking him back in the car. And Thomas must have closed the door on him when Toby was in his room. Toby being the good boy he is didn’t bark, make a sound or scratch on the door when we were yelling for him. I can just imagine what he was doing. Sitting there at the door his head cocking from side to side every time we called out his name, wagging his tail in anticipation of us finding him.

Once everyone had calmed down Andrew asked me if all of Toby’s details had been updated since we had moved states over a year ago.

None of them where.

Our old address was registered on his microchip details. I had forgotten to register with our local council when we bought our house and Toby’s dog tag had fallen off his collar at the beginning of the year when he was playing with another dog and I hadn’t replaced it.

It’s funny how only when you get caught out do you realise how important it is to stay on top of everything. It’s so easy to put things on the back burner and then forget to do them. I now realise being a responsible pet owner isn’t only about making sure Toby gets walked and feed each day but also ensuring his contact details are up to date.

So for those who are moving homes, suburbs or have changed contact details don’t do a me and forget to update the following before it’s too late:

-Microchip details

-Dog tag details

-Register your pooch with your new local council

Nothing like getting scared into action!

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