August 26, 2016

Swooping Season

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26th August 2016 (6)

Toby’s favourite time of year is here, Swooping Season. And by favourite I mean he really hates it and so do I. For some reason in the Spring time birds love to swoop Toby. I don’t know if this happens to all dogs or just him because he stands out so much with his blonde wooly coat. Whatever the reason, poor Toby can’t leave the front door without being attacked and it drives us bonkers.

The last couple of weeks we have been going to a playground close to home because it’s easier to waddle over to than our usual play area. At this playground the birds are particularly bad and as soon as we get there Toby runs under the rotunda and stays there while Thomas does his thing on the play equipment.

As soon as Toby steps foot out of the rotunda the birds swoop. Thomas has picked up on the fact that both Toby and I don’t like this. Thomas has seen that I yell and flap my arms in the air to deter the birds from attacking Toby and he has joined in, helping protect his brother. It is hilarious!

This morning Toby and Thomas ran to a safe spot in a ditch and Toby stayed safely behind Thomas the whole time keeping an eye on any swooping birds. When Thomas saw any birds he would get a handful of dirt and through it towards them. His aim isn’t very good so he got most of the dirt on him but my gosh was it adorable to watch.

These guys have each other’s backs most of the time and it makes for the best viewing and heart explosions ever.

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26th August 2016 (12)^ ‘OK Thomas, I can see two birds sitting on top of the basketball ring and one bird in the tree over there with his eye on me. Get some ammunition ready.’

26th August 2016 (10)^ I’m just going to safely sit by my brother while he throws dirt at any birds that come our way.

26th August 2016 (5)^ ‘Sticks as well, good idea, Thomas.’

26th August 2016 (7)^ ‘Yep, I feel pretty confident that we can beat these birds.

26th August 2016 (2)^ So far I haven’t been attacked!

26th August 2016 (1)^ Think we need to practise our throwing skills.