August 28, 2016

If You Could Say One Thing To Your Pooch…

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On Instagram we asked people to answer the question: If for just a moment your pooch could understand you, what would you tell them. Here are the answers:

“I would tell both my fur gals “you bring laughter, joy, happiness, mess, cuddles, walks, dirty big holes, fun, peace, calm, patience into my life every single day and it fills my heart to the brim – thank you” & I think they would look at me and be wondering where their next piece of cheese is” 🐶💗🐶💗 @lillidaisy

“I would tell our Miss C what a blessing she has been to our family. That we had no idea how much joy she could have brought to our family. That we laugh more & stress less with her in our lives.” @biggsmama

“I would tell “Pepper” I’m sorry if I neglect him now that his brother is here, but that I love him, that he is my rock, my companion in my loneliness and the best decision I’ve made in my life regardless of what people think or say.” @sahbadanesh

“I treat my dog as if he does understand me, so I tell him how I feel every day” @laurathers

“I would tell Cody I am sorry we have to go to work everyday 😔But hope all our cuddles make up for it and we love him to bits” 😍😍@traceymk3

“I love you ” and wish I didn’t have to leave her while I work…” ❤️@adkgirl

“I would say: i love u so much ruffles, and it would kill me if you ever leave for rainbow bridge. You have taught me so much about life and living in the moment. You are my best friend, my confidante and someone who knows my inner feelings.” 😍@ruffles_the_black_schnauzer

“Thank you for giving me the chance to say this. Although my baby boy is no longer with us, I’d love to say to my beloved Zac “Mummy, daddy and your little sister love you very very much , you will always be part of our family. We miss you every single day and night. You have given us incredible joy, laughter and love. We have enjoyed every single minute we had you and wish you feel just the same. We wish you the happiness of the world. All our ❤️❤️❤️” @ms_emiaj

“I would tell Brady about all the light he has brought to my life-he lives in the moment and is always happy about something and happy just to be around me. I truly want to be the kind of person Brady thinks I am – and his presence keeps me focused on that goal.” 🐾❤️🐾 @peeks_pics

“I would tell my love Leo “Leo you are the best miracle to have happened to me. You have taught me what unconditional love is and for that I will forever be grateful. I will never forget the day I rescued you, it was truly love at first sight. If I had the chance to hand pick a puppy I still wouldn’t have found a puppy like you (although all dogs are amazing). the joy you bring to my life is unmeasurable. You have no idea how much you have enhanced the quality of life. You will forever always be my number 1. I love you my silly little guy.” @joteee

“I would have reminded little cockapoo that she was the best thing in my life and thankful for her silly face lighting up my mornings. I’m glad we had one last night of cheeseburgers and Netflix. We all miss her very much” ❤️ @serra_connor

“I would tell Lulu that I’m so sorry that you are poorly whilst I’m on holiday, I promise to make it up to you when I get home, lots of snuggles on my bed, a lovely roast chicken breast & a walk down the lane where you can sniff till your hearts content. We Love you lulabelle” 🐶❤️ @se.louise

“I love you & can you please stop pooping on the bath mat.” @poochiemamapics

“Please stop barking at night, please stop going potty in the house and your face is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”💕 @teddycav

“Thank you for being our babies! Thank you for the unconditional love and joy you give us everyday! Thank you for making this infertility journey a tad easier!” ❤️💜💞 @latoka_arielle

“Dearest Romeo please stop jumping on everyone and barking at delivery people! Mom ❤️’s you always!” @romeotheroyalpoochon

“Well, I don’t yet have a dog, but I would tell her “Lucy, I have waited a lifetime for you and I have loved you before you were you” 💚💚💚💚. I will in fact tell her this when I can finally make this dream a reality.” @petzgearz

“Teddy, we love you so much and we are so glad that you are our precious baby.” @teddyfluffington

“Bear, I LOVE YOU more than you know and wish you could live forever!!!” @teemarie23

“Rory we love you and we are here for the long run, we hope you feel safe and happy here, please hug us back too.” @rorylionpettags

“Buddy I love you so much it hurts right here!!” @ale_chee

“Indie, I love you sooo much! You are my family and I would take you everywhere with me if I could! Please understand when I have to leave sometimes but I will alwayyyss come back for you xx” @keiraaa

“I miss you more than anything xx” @esrods

“Jeje, my sweet, deaf fur child, I love you just as much as you love me. I promise you I will never be gone too long and you can always kiss my face when I return. I’m proud to be your Mommy.” @whoathatsjessie

“Quinn you are my everything, and I still love you even when you are trying to shove your tongue down my throat!” @sheriedibella

“Mikey, you are the best and mommy and daddy love you so much! We can squeeze, cuddle, hug, hold, and just watch you all day!” @mikeyisthename

“Barney I’m sorry that your daddy got sick and didn’t come home. But he loved u and u brightened his day.” @montyzumajet

“Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the simple things in life.” @nay_butterfly

“My bubba Patch you’re a cutie pie and life would be lonely without you, love you muchly.” @lizone59

“Sachiko, I regret not giving you the best life I wish I could, but your grandpa just didn’t understand you the way I did. I love you so much and wish I could’ve seen you grow old. I hope you are having the best time with your new family and I’ll never forget you. Ever!” @graciehhlin

“Cavachon Abbey, adopting you from the shelter was one of the best choices ever…thank you for showering us with your love and filling our home with joy!” @cavachonabbey

“Thoreau and Hunter you two are the best boys I could have ever been graced to have in my life. I hope you both keep each other company in heaven. Mommy will always love you both.” @niklint

“Dear Sadie, you are my favourite creature in the whole wide world. I cannot imagine me without you. Please stop eating lipbalm and chocolate it’s not good for doggies!” @bakkakus

“To Ella I would say, no means no! Not maybe! And if I’m laughing while saying no it’s cause if I don’t I’ll cry! And to Winston, I would say, I know you can jump up, you did it 5 minutes ago, and I saw you do it! Stop being lazy!” (both dogs are spoilt rotten and showered with hugs and kisses, they seem to know they are loved, it’s the ‘no’s’ and ‘don’t do that’ they seem to have trouble hearing) @fairyprincesssarah

“I love you my buddy with every square inch of my heart, you bring so much joy and are the best thing we ever added to our lives.” @Belinda Irvine

“I can’t believe you are gone, our house is no longer a home without you. We love you so much, you were the best dog” @SallyMcNeil

“Sammy, I love you, you are the only constant rock in my life. Without you life would be so much harder. Thank you for your licks and cuddles. Mommy loves you” @Faithy

“I never wanted a dog, you changed all that Brox. I love you, you are the best” @leahhaighs

“You need to listen to your mum and dad because they know what’s best for you. You need to stop eating everything in sight!!!!! You will have less tummy troubles if you don’t eat your toys, all the sticks in the yard and everything else your eyes lay on. STOP IT! We still love you to the end of the earth and back but STOP Snowy.” @AliManson

“Simply, you fill my heart with joy and love, thank you. I wish you knew how lucky we are to have you.” @bekky8

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