September 4, 2016

Happy Father’s Day!

Posted in: Family


Today Andrew got to celebrate Father’s Day with his sons. Sons, pleural!! For those who don’t follow Toby on Instagram you may not know that a beautiful boy came into our lives 6 days ago (more about that in another post).

When Andrew put Thomas down for the night he said, ‘That was a perfect Father’s Day, it had a bit of everything.’ Andrew’s perfect day is a bit different to mine but I’m pleased he had a great day, nonetheless.

It started with opening presents and reading a book he got from Thomas to him. He then went to uni for a study session as his exams are looming and stopped by his favourite place, Bunnings (a hardware store, for those who don’t live in Australia) to treat himself. We had lunch at home before going for a walk to grab some coffee and play in the park. Toby was very pleased with this as he hasn’t gone for a walk in four days. We came home and Andrew worked in the backyard before dinner.

And that is what Andrew calls a perfect Father’s Day, a bit of everything.

You know, there are so many great fathers out there, many children have won the dad jackpot and I am so grateful that my children are one of them.

Andrew is excellent at being a dad, it has surprised me like nothing else. Andrew is one of those annoying people who is good at almost everything and I knew he would be a good dad but he still managed to surprise me with his natural parenting skills.

Happy Father’s Day, Andrew. Your sons are going to have a fantastic life and be such beautiful people because of you.

To all the fathers out there, hope you had a great day.