September 22, 2016

Toby, Loving Life Again

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Toby seems to be enjoying life again. There was a bit of a pause in his happiness levels whilst I was in hospital and recovering, as I couldn’t take him on his daily adventures.

Toby was a bit confused as to why his daily routine was up in the air. I felt like I’d prepared him for what was coming by slowly cutting down on his walks leading up to Felix’s birth, but few less walks a week was a bit different to not leaving the house at all for 3 weeks.

Furballs love routine.

From the very beginning we have made sure Toby’s day to day routine was consistent. Including such things as when he wakes up for the day, when he is walked, when he eats his dinner, and when he goes to bed for the night – these events all happen around the same time each day.

Routine and consistency help Toby feel loved and secure and it helps him understand the world he lives in.

So yeah, for the last 3 weeks, Toby has been hating life and wondering why he isn’t going on his beloved walk.

It’s been a bit frustrating for me and him.

For the last couple of weeks, Toby has been waiting by the front door at his usual walking time waiting for us to get the show on the road. When he realised nothing was happening he would find me and follow me around the house like a lost sheep for hours as if to say, ‘Are we going, or what?’

Him following me around definitely added pressure and stress to what was already happening in our home – a newborn, Andrew back at uni and working out how to do life with two kids on my own while recovering from surgery.

Many times, as if Toby could understand me, I told him to leave me alone. That a walk wasn’t happening. Then I would feel bad for getting annoyed at him. I would reassure myself that Toby has a fantastic life and a few weeks of it not being fantastic isn’t going to hurt him.

Still, him being stuck at home for 3 weeks was always sitting there niggling the back of my mind.

But we are now back in business, pre baby life has resumed and Toby is a happy dog once more.

19th-september-2016-16^ This is my happy face! I’m definitely smiling on the inside, happy to be out of the house.

19th-september-2016-24^ Just going to wait for my brother to finish doing his thing before we can look for bones.

19th-september-2016-9^ And I guess I’ll wait for everyone to finish swinging too.

19th-september-2016-8 ^ OK, time to look for bones. Just going to do a little meditation to help me become one with the bones which will make it easier for us to find them.

19th-september-2016-18 ^ Meditation didn’t work, we still have no bones. Luckily my brother brought his truck to help us dig for them.

19th-september-2016-19^ We aren’t having much luck so we’re just having a chat about what strategy we should apply next.

19th-september-2016-1^ We think this will do the trick, a run up to gain some speed for a super dig, exposing all the hidden bones.