September 25, 2016

People’s Choice Winner

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I have banged on about how this Blog came into fruition many-a-times so I won’t say it again (you can read about it here, if you’re interested) but it has been incredible to see what it has accomplished over the years.

Sometimes I wonder if I should go on, if I should put myself and my family out there. I have wondered if it’s irresponsible to include my children in the Blog. I have reread older posts and cringed. Will I look over current posts in the future and cringe too, wondering why I even wrote those things and be embarrassed that so many people read them.

But then I think about all the good that’s come from this space.

Thanks to the Blog people became aware of TANF, an organisation Andrew and I were a part of in Ghana, which helps children who are in child labour get off the streets and into schools. And this resulted in readers offering to help in their own way too.

Thanks to this Blog readers helped us raise over $15,000 for cancer research – this one still blows my mind.

I get weekly emails saying how much people enjoy coming here and seeing what Toby and his family are up to. People even say it’s a highlight of their week. And some of my readers say because of Toby, they now have a cavoodle themselves and it’s changed their lives.

All those things are pretty cool, to say the least. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think starting would make a difference to anyone’s lives.

And now, this Blog has been recognised by the Bupa Blog Awards for making a difference in the blogging world. Thanks to this recognition I had the chance to compete amongst some other fantastic people who blog about their passions.

If you don’t follow us on Instagram you may not know we won the People’s Choice Award during the week long festivities at the Bupa Blog Awards.

The Bupa Blog Awards was a week long session of seminars and workshops which wrapped up with the award ceremony in Melbourne. The Bupa Blog Awards week started the day I gave birth to Felix and ended the day I left hospital, incredibly bad timing. It was a real shame to miss out on such a great opportunity. I would have loved to have been there in person to be inspired by other bloggers and to be educated on all things blogging.

The awards ceremony announced the winners whilst I was in hospital. They lived streamed the whole thing but because I was stuck inside a baby love bubble I totally forgot to tune in and watch the ceremony online.

You can’t believe my surprise when I arrived home from the hospital on the Friday and opened my emails to see an email  from the Bupa Team congratulating me on my win. They said, “With almost 3,000 votes for People’s Choice this year, the competition was fierce. But a clear stand-out however, was the Toby Wigglebottom blog.”


This whole Bupa Blog Awards has been a very surreal experience that lead to an outcome I seriously wasn’t expecting. What an honour! I still can’t believe it. Thank you to every single person who took the time to vote. We won because of you.

I really hope you enjoy Toby’s adventures and the content provided on the Blog.

I get asked by those who are thinking of starting a blog or have a blog if I have any tips for them. The best advice I can give is:

-Be authentic, don’t be something you’re not because your readers will see through it and won’t connect with you. Also, it’s really hard to continuously pretend to be something you’re not.

-There are so many blogs out there, millions in fact. If you want to stand out bring something new to the table. Don’t copy your favourite blogs, they’re already taken.

-Take good photos, people like seeing pretty or interesting pictures.

-Write clearly, make sure your writing is easy to read. And try to always get someone to proof read your work (thanks Andrew!).

-And post consistently

To see a variety of wonderful blogs on all different topics have a look at the Bupa Blog Winners, here.

Seriously, thank you again and thank you for reading.