September 27, 2016

One Month

Posted in: Baby


Dearest Child Of Ours,

You have now been Earth side for 4 weeks.

You have slotted into our family effortlessly, it feels like you were always supposed to be here. You are beyond loved by each member of your family, especially your brothers.

You furry brother is a big fan of yours and is always by your side, he wasn’t like that when Thomas was your age. Your brother, Thomas LOVES you and showers you with kisses all day long. As your Papa says to everyone, ‘We didn’t even train Thomas to do that.’ We actually have to beg for any affection from Thomas but he gives it to you freely, it makes our heart’s explode.

You have a very healthy appetite and are gaining weight rapidly, you surprise your nurse every week for your weigh in with how much weight you gain each week. I always say to you, ‘You like your Mama’s cooking.’ When you feed you curl your toes in delight and it makes me smile.

When you smile in your sleep you have the cutest dimple in one cheek, I’m always mesmerised by it, you are the first person I have ever met who has them. I love your eyes, they are so dark, they remind me of your Papa’s. When you were born it was hard to see your pupil.

My favourite part of the day at the moment is having a shower with you. You love being in the shower, you are so still while the water hits your head. It’s the only time I can see what your face really looks like as during the day you make all sorts of strange and funny faces.

You are a clever little monkey, you have such great head control when you do tummy time and can even already roll over. Seeing you move around in real life explains why I felt like earthquakes were happening inside me when I was pregnant with you.

Felix Wilde, welcome to the world, get ready to be loved like crazy for the rest of your life.

Happy 1 month, we love you so.