October 16, 2016

Life Of Late Through My iPhone

Posted in: Family

It’s been 7 weeks since little Felix has come home, is it just me or does time seem to go faster than normal when you have kids?! Anyway, this is what has been happening in those 7 weeks…

img_0969^ Everyone’s delirious! We are all sleeping a lot less, even Toby. We are probably drinking too much coffee and having ‘What is this crazy mess we’ve gotten ourselves into’ thoughts every other day.

img_0738 ^ We have recently landscaped our backyard and can’t wait to enjoy it come Summer. At the moment these two are only allowed to play on the pavement area until the grass grows, as it’s off limits.

img_0850-1^ Toby the baby whisper. I can’t wait to watch these two bond. I’m confident they’ll love each other the way Toby and Thomas do.

img_0988^ I have found going out with two kids isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. Yes, I would never go to a cafe or restaurant just yet without Andrew, but going to the shops and playground by myself with 2 young kids isn’t that bad. You should see the daily looks and comments we get when people see Thomas, Felix, Toby and myself out and about, it’s as if we are a circus act (we probably look like one).

img_1180 ^ This is our bedroom scenario at the moment. Toby and Andrew have moved into the spare room and I miss them. Felix, hurry up and sleep through the night so everyone can come back.

img_1209 ^ My sons! Insert all the heart eyed emjois. I love them so much and everyday I have the same ‘how did I get so lucky’ thoughts. They are our everythings.

img_1377 ^ It was my birthday last Saturday and all I wanted for my birthday was to eat nachos at home with some of our friends. I got my wish and to top it off, my friend brought an ice cream cake. Clearly I was a deprived child as at the age of 32, I got my first ice cream cake!

img_1406 ^ Now that a lot of our friends also have children, I can see that I’m not unique in the way I feel about my kids. I see the same sparkle of love in my friend’s eyes when they look at their babies and I think, that must be how I look. It’s wonderful to see.

img_1463^ There was about a 2 month window where it was a nightmare taking Thomas to cafes and I was gutted my days of going to cafes with friends was over. But we have turned a corner and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s hoping the days of tantrums and swiping plates off tables and them smashing on the floor are over.

img_1498 ^ Toby and Thomas interrupting Andrew’s study time. Andrew has been studying every single day for the last year for his exams that are coming up in a few weeks. There have been no exams throughout the year just a huge set of exams at the end. I don’t know how Andrew and the rest of the students in his year do it. Even though Andrew still has 7 years left of his degree, the way he has worked and studied the last 3 years, doctors sure do deserve all they get for the hard work and sacrifice they make along the way.

img_1594 ^ As you may know, Toby wasn’t a fan of baby Thomas for a long, long time. However, the second time round, Toby has taken Felix in with open furry arms. He loves him and is always near him. I think he also likes that Felix is predictable. He knows he won’t move, he won’t grab his fur or have a toy car flung at his head.

img_1740^ Toby and Thomas sick together like glue when we are at the park these days, it’s the best.

img_1887^ A new thing happening at the moment is Thomas chasing Toby. Thomas is getting better at running which Toby is very pleased about as it means they can chase each other until the cows come home.

img_1884^ A couple of weeks ago, Thomas started crying in the middle of the night. I went to get him out of his cot and I was too tired to spend the time settling him so I brought him into bed with me. Bad idea! For 2 weeks, he would cry in the middle of the night, I would get him and he would have the biggest smile on his face knowing I would take him into bed with me. I wouldn’t mind having him there if he went straight to sleep but he’d chat with me, play with my hair, smother me with kisses and make animal and train noises. Cute during the day, not at 3am in the morning.

img_1885 ^ This is how Felix and I roll all day long. He isn’t happy if he isn’t glued to Mama.

img_1886^ As Thomas has gotten older he seems to be more affectionate towards Toby, always with a hand on him.

img_1889 ^ I said a lot of naive things before having kids. I will not parent like that, my kids won’t do this and that. One of those things was, When I have children, no TV. The things one says when one doesn’t have children. Here these two are watching Toy Story for the first time – sometimes the TV is the best babysitter.

img_1891 ^ Toby keeping Andrew company while he studies. In 4 weeks we get Andrew back and we couldn’t be happier. It has been a long, hard year.

img_1892 ^ I love this boy. There are days where Thomas or Felix or even Andrew are difficult and annoying and I will tell Toby, ‘You are the only one in this family who is perfect and does the right thing every day! Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

img_1893^ I love Toby photobombing in the background! At the moment Thomas loves glasses. He’ll put them on and then later take them off, throw them on the ground and say, ‘Oh no!’ I keep telling him, you can’t say ‘Oh no!’ if you do something on purpose. He doesn’t get it.

img_0379^ Toby has been so busy in the Neckerchief Factory. There are 12 new designs up and they are awesome. You can see them here.

img_1894^ This sums up life at the moment – baby vomit on all our clothes, Felix in someone’s arm, Andrew studying, Toby looking at us as if to say, ‘Are we going to go on a walk now?’ and Thomas off somewhere, probably getting into something he shouldn’t.

img_1151^ Felix Wilde, argh, I love you so much. I get heart pangs all the time thinking about you and your brothers playing and growing up together. You make me think, life is but a dream, all the time.