November 14, 2016

Goodbye Third Year

Posted in: Family


The other day Andrew was cleaning the kitchen before uni and said, ‘I find cleaning the kitchen relaxing, that’s how stressful my life is at the moment.’

Uni full time, fitting in work on the weekends and evenings, working on a research project and having other issues to deal with on top of making time to spend with his children and studying every single day this year for his final exam – it’s been a hard year.

On Saturday Andrew had his first exam, today he had his second and tomorrow is his last exam for his medical degree.

We are so excited! No more exams for the next 3 years which means we all get Andrew’s full attention when he’s at home.

This year has been challenging. Andrew has been studying every spare moment he gets, which isn’t much and that has resulted in us having to put life on hold for a while.

Every spare moment he’s had, he’s studied. If we’ve been out or Andrew’s been playing with Thomas and Felix, he’s found it hard to enjoy the moment because in the back of his mind he’d be thinking, ‘I should be studying.’

Studying all year for an exam where you don’t know what will actually be on the test, is hard. You have to learn everything and you have to remember everything. I would imagine it would do your head in.

We can’t believe next year will be the last year of Andrew’s degree.

It feels like only the other day I wrote a blog post about how Andrew was embarking on this journey. I was so scared about packing up and leaving Melbourne and going into the unknown.

But here I am, living a life that is nothing like I imagined or like my friends. They are all succeeding in leaps and bounds in their professional lives and I’m here standing on the sidelines, with two kids on each hip and Toby by my side, cheering Andrew along as he hands in assignments, prepares for exams and etches closer and closer to the finish line.

And while this year has been stressful and challenging, it’s also been fun watching us all somehow succeed and keep this dream alive.

3 years ago Andrew and I were very unsure if this would work but somehow we have managed. It’s amazing to see what’s possible when you just give something a go.

The four of us are looking forward to having you back tomorrow, Andrew.