November 28, 2016

A Look Inside The Neckerchief Factory & Your Chance To Win a HP Printer

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Toby and I have been insanely busy in the Neckerchief Factory, we are spending on average 5 hours a day in there! It’s cut, sew, pack, repeat. And once a day we run as fast as we can to the Post Office before it closes to drop off orders.

When the kids are asleep, Toby and I start our shifts. The first shift usually starts around 11.30am to 2.00pm and the second at 8.00pm until we go to bed.

Before the Christmas rush was upon us Toby and I gave the Factory a good clean out and organised items in a way that would allow us to be most productive and create a work space that wasn’t cluttered.

I love being in the Neckerchief Factory, it’s my place to relax and be creative. The Factory consists of a desk and an ironing board and lots of bits and pieces that give the Factory a personal feel.

Here’s a bit of a tour:

hp-13^ This is the inside of the Neckerchief Factory. A sewing machine in the middle of the desk, materials for making Neckerchiefs on the left and a printer and documentation on the right. On the wall I have a large calendar which has everything I need to remember written on there and photos and prints that hold different meanings.

hp-12^ This shelf sits above the ironing board. Each piece symbolises something special. The large painting Andrew created when he was 16, at my house. When Andrew was working on it, I remember Mum calling me to come down stairs. She said, ‘Come look at this, is this not amazing, you can see how Andrew’s mind works, I’m speechless.’ Every time I look at this painting it reminds me of Mum and how much she loved Andrew and his mind. She would be so proud of him if she could see where he is today. The orange horse is from Sweden it reminds me of the first time Andrew and I travelled overseas together. And the trophy which is hard to see is my first trophy I ever won, 3 months ago for the Bupa Blog Awards.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-8-28-41-pm^ I have just discovered podcasts and they are providing me with so much entertainment, insight into world events and discussion topics I can chat to Andrew about that don’t revolve around the kids. I listen to them on my laptop which I make Neckerchiefs, I highly recommend you giving them a go.

hp-2 ^ My desk is lined with tins and bowls that harbour all sorts of things. For example, this one holds stamps and stamp pads…

hp-3 ^…this tin holds threads…

hp-9^ …this ceramic bottle stores hundreds of pins…

hp-10^…and this bowl, sticky tape.

hp-1^ Toby working hard, sewing his little heart away.

hp-4^ I used to do all my cutting in the Factory but realised it was much easier to do on the kitchen bench. These days the only fabric that stays in the Factory is fabric that I need to turn into new Neckerchiefs and photograph for the store.

hp-7 ^ When I first started this whole Neckerchief thing, my mother-in-law gave me an Ikea sewing machine. It did the job but the plan was to sell enough Neckerchiefs to buy a new machine. When that happened, my friend who is the most phenomenal sewer whose items can be found in boutiques around Melbourne, suggested I get this bad boy with my money.  If you are looking for a good machine, this is it. If you want an entry level machine or are an experienced sewer, this is your guy.

hp-11^ My new HP DeskJet 3720 printer is the best. It’s the smallest, boldest, all in one printer that allows me to print from my phone. It’s so cool, all you need to do is download an app and then, without wires, you can print anything from your phone. Neckerchief orders are easily printed, photos from my camera roll or social media feeds are quickly turned into beautiful, bright photos.

hp-8 ^ Toby’s 2017 diary that he decorated with the HP Printer.

hp-5^And there you have it a tour of the Neckerchief Factory!

If you want to win your own HP DeskJet 3720 all you have to do is upload a photo of your best desk or works place makeover and include the #HPShelfie hashtag in your post. The photo must be uploaded onto your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

So basically, tidy your desk, make it look pretty and take a photo! Pretty easy.
If you win, you will receive the following:
  • One (1) HP DeskJet 3700 Printer, valued at $79 AUD RPPOne
  • (1) set of HP 65 XL Ink, valued at $97 AUD RRP
  • One (1) Social Media Snapshots Paper, valued at $16 AUD RRP

If you would like more information about the competition you can look, here.

Entries close at 5pm (AEDT) on Sunday 11th December, 2016.

Good luck!