April 24, 2017


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I started writing this post while we were still in London. We’re home now and back into the routine that is life. Being back home, it feels like nothing ever happened, as if we were never in London.

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m away travelling, it’s when I come home and reflect on where I was, I appreciate and love the experience a million times more.

Anyway, below is the post I wrote while in beautiful London:

So, all of us, excluding Toby, are in London at the moment for 2 months.

This is Andrew’s final year of Med School and the year entails various 6 week placements in different medical departments for the rest of the year.

Andrew was able to secure a placement in a London hospital in the Emergency Department.

As you can imagine Andrew has seen some pretty interesting things thus far. With almost 9 million people in this wonderful city, you are going to come across a few fascinating cases.

There have been some dark and serious issues he’s been apart of and then some incidents that we chuckle over. When the terror attack happened here a few weeks ago, Andrew was able to witness how a hospital goes into preparation mode for such awful events.

This is our third time in London and definitely our favourite time. I never loved this place as a tourist but living here for a short amount of time allows you to appreciate what London has to offer. We have explored so much of it, you could never do all of it in 2 months but I definitely feel like we have experienced the London life.

Can I just say, the Underground is the most amazing piece of engineering ever. The fact that it was built underground over 100 years ago, is so fast and efficient, comes every 2 minutes and pretty much drops you off wherever you need to be, it blows my mind.

IMG_2471^ I was so excited to explore London with the kids while Andrew was at hospital, but I quickly realised parts of the Underground is not stroller friendly. We were faced with many, many stairs at most stops but I soon realised all I needed to do was wait, and without fail after a few seconds some kind stranger would always offer to help me.



IMG_1769 ^ We went to a few museums while we were there. Almost all of them are free and there’s so many to go to. A clear favourite for the kids was the Science Museum and the Transport Museum (which you need to pay for) and for the older kids, we really liked the British Museum, above.

IMG_2207^ Finding good coffee was the most important thing to do for me and I was getting frustrated at all the rubbish drinks out there that were calling themselves coffee. Thankfully we found Monmouth Coffee Company in Covent Garden which has a line out the door every minute of the day.

IMG_4261^ Other wonderful coffee shops were The Workshop Coffee, Kaffeine, Prufrock and Look Mum No Hands!




IMG_3906^ We found a wonderful cafe near where we were staying which did good coffee, played great beats and…

IMG_2800 ^ …had a play area for kids! It’s called Barley and Beans, and we need more places like these here in Australia.


IMG_3537 ^ Who needs to carry around a travelling playpen when you can use a laundry basket!

IMG_3551^ So many great playgrounds hidden within the city. Whenever we would venture out we would always google, nearest park to make sure we knew where to go to get the wiggles out when some of us started to get restless.


IMG_4260^ Totally fell in love with all the gorgeous streets within Central London. Andrew and I got a lot of home inspiration from walking around.



IMG_4264^ If you’re in London, go to Sushi Samba for the views, amazing. I met a friend there for lunch and we stayed and drank cocktails in the bar area as the sun went down and the lights came up over London. You’ll need to book for Sushi Samba way in advance or you can go to the bar area whenever however, there is a dress code and no children after 4pm.

IMG_3009   IMG_3982 ^ I can’t recommend going to Bread Ahead enough, seriously go! And order the vanilla bean custard doughnut. It’s like you’re eating a delicious dream, it is one of the best things I have ever tasted. The first time Thomas and I ate one, we looked at each other and you could see all the love heart emojis flying at a million miles an hour out of our eyes. That amazing!


IMG_4262 ^ Rainy days spent inside watching Minons – this movie was watched a lot on our trip and I can honestly say, once we are home we are never, ever watching it again.

IMG_3550^ One of the best things about our trip was all the dates Andrew and I were able to go on without the kids. Because we were staying with Andrew’s brother and his wife, we were free to do what we wanted once the children were asleep. We saw a play called, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and the musical, The Book Of Mormon. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf was intense and amazing. The Book Of Mormon was literally the best and finniest thing I have ever seen. I normally hate musicals, but this was outstanding and wish I could watch it again for the first time.

IMG_2690 ^ We visited the Queen but unfortunately she didn’t invite us inside for tea and cucumber sandwiches, maybe next time.

IMG_2845^ A rare blue sky day. It’s actually funny how excited everyone gets when there’s blue skies. People are everywhere. Once, when we were at the playground, Andrew and I watched this man for a good half an hour who was standing on the footpath, face to the sky, eyes closed and just basking in the sunshine. It was as though he had never experienced sun rays before.

IMG_3565^ This is what we looked like usually – dressed for rain and wind that bites.


IMG_2311^ The Borough Markets was a party for the mouth. In the space of 2 hours we had the most delicious hamburger, oysters and champagne, a chorizo burger, mulled wine and a cheesecake brownie which was to die for. Go there hungry and just eat as much as you can before your brain realises you can’t actually eat that much.

IMG_4103^ London! You know, I was actually not in favour of going on this trip. I told Andrew to go on his own and we would stay behind but he refused to go without the kids. He said he could leave me (thanks, love) but could’t leave the kids for that long. I was worried it would just be too hard with the children in someone else’s home. And with Andrew being in hospital most of the time I thought it would be too hard trying to find things to do with the kids on my own but I loved it all. I can’t believe I wasn’t up for it, we loved it, the kids loved it. Let’s go back, Andrew!

I am going to do a post about travelling on long flights with young children as we have done a few now. If there is anything you would like me to address, please let me know in the comments section below or feel free to email us.

I’m also going to do a post on how Toby went while we were away. We missed him so much, he would have loved London because dogs are allowed everywhere! Toby you were born in the wrong country, my friend.