May 14, 2017

At Home With Godfreys

Posted in: Family

We have been in our home for 2 years now. When we made the decision to buy we assumed it would take a while before we found the right one.

However, Andrew found our home online in the first few weeks of looking. The second we stepped inside we wanted it straight away. We never thought we would get it and winning it at auction is one of my top 5 favourite memories of life so far.

It’s a beautiful home that’s 100 years old, has lots of character and is in a suburb we love. We lucked out. The only issue with it is we will definitely grow out of it. Once the boys are in high school we will have to move out.

An issue that we have in our home is to do with space. There isn’t a tone of it which is good in a way because it stops us from buying unnecessary items and makes us more thoughtful buyers.

Now every time we buy something we think, will it take up much storage space?

An item that every household has is a vacuum cleaner, these can be big and bulky and take up space.

Today we will be showing and reviewing our new vacuum clearner, it’s a good one.

We have been using the Hoover Ultra Power 2-In-1 StickVac and it ticks all the boxes for taking up little space and doing an amazing job.

Godfreys 2^ All 3 of the kids love spending time on this rug and most of the time it looks clean. But as soon as you run the vacuum over it and hear a million things shooting up it, you realise it’s clearly not. The Ultra Power is great for removing Toby’s hair and other deeply embedded dust and debris from our carpet.

Godfreys^ Yep Toby, you just sit there and relax while I clean all your dirt you bring into our home.

Godfreys 6^ There are so many things I love about this clever vacuum. It’s lightweight, is a 2-in-1 vacuum that can be used as either a versatile stick vacuum or a powerful handvac, it’s cordless and a big important factor for us is, it folds away into a small compact unit for easy storage.

Godfreys 16^ With a click of a button the vacuum cleaner turns into a handvac.

Godfreys 5^ And because the handvac is nice and small it means Toby can no longer say he’s not tall enough to vacuum. Toby clearly looks thrilled to bits to hear such news.

Godfreys 10^ One person who does love using the handvac is Thomas after he makes a bit of a mess. He likes to pretend it’s a rocket and counts to ten and says, Blast off! before turning it on.

Godfreys 13^ The handvac is convenient for cleaning up quick little messes or hard to reach places.

Godfreys 18^ The Hoover Ultra Power is charged by a lithium battery which gives you up to 45 minutes run time on every charge and means you can vacuum cordless.

Godfreys 24^ You can easily see how much battery power is remaining using the LED indicator on the machine.

Godfreys 17^ The charging dock also doubles up as a convenient accessory storage if you wish to store it standing up. Or…

Godfreys 19^ …you can store it like we do, in our limited storage spaces. And that brings me to another reason why this vacuum is so good, the handle can be easily folded in half so you can store it in small areas.

Godfreys 15 ^ All you do is turn the knob…

Godfreys 22^ …push down the handle…

Godfreys 20^ …and it’s half its size.

godfreys 25^ And there you have it a vacuum which ticks all the boxes for us. A reliable, powerful cordless stickvac with the benefits of a removable handvac, no chords, picks up pet debris and folds away to fit into small storage spaces.

If you are in the market for any vacuums or cleaning supplies Godfreys is having their ‘Mighty May’ Sale at the moment with some great savings to be had. If you spend over $99 online you will be entitled to FREE delivery.

I find driving, parking and browsing stores such an inefficient way to shop. I love being able to sit on the couch and order things to be delivered to my door with just a few clicks. Godfreys ‘Mighty May’ Sale ends on the 24th of May.